October 20, 2003Pike's Peak's Philosophic Burro / Eugene Field
October 27, 2003In the Rockies / Edith Colby Banfield
November 3, 2003Just Like Colorado / James Barton Adams
November 10, 2003Cherry Creek Emigrants' Song / Anonymous
November 17, 2003Bacon / Badger Clark
November 24, 2003America the Beautiful / Katharine Lee Bates
December 8, 2003Creede / Cy Warman
December 15, 2003The Rise and Fall of Creede / Cy Warman
December 22, 2003Christmas in the Miner's Cabin / Harriet L. Wason
December 29, 2003Colorado Snow-birds / Helen Hunt Jackson
January 5, 2004Winter in Colorado / Eugene Field
January 12, 2004The Message of the Tree / Alice Polk Hill
January 19, 2004A Cowboy at the Carnival / Anonymous
January 26, 2004ears popping over la veta pass / Tony Moffeit
February 2, 2004A Colorado Girl / Cy Warman
February 16, 2004Our Colorado Girl / James Barton Adams
February 23, 2004A Cowgirl's Sweet Confession / James Barton Adams
Colorado's Past Poet Laureates
March 1, 2004Preface--Tales of the Colorado Pioneers / Alice Polk Hill
March 8, 2004Drought and The Coming Rain / Nellie Burget Miller
March 15, 2004The Woman in the Wagon / Clyde Robertson
March 22, 2004Air Force Academy / Milford E. Shields
March 29, 2004Autumn Beckons the Ice Cutter / Thomas Hornsby Ferril
National Poetry Month-April 2004:  Vintage Poems / Contemporary Poets
April 5, 2004The Morning of the Morning / Mary Crow,  Colorado Poet Laureate
April 12, 200
4Head On, Off & Still Running / Art Goodtimes
April 19, 2004Me, Crow, Fish, and the Magi / Linda Hogan
April 26, 2004Sod Huts on the Plains near Aurora, Colorado / Reg Saner
May 17, 2004The Market Train / Arthur Chapman
May 31, 2004A Colorado Horse on the Battle Field / Jean Milne Gower
June 7, 2004Courtship / Harriet L. Wason
June 14, 2004Ute Pass / J. Ernest Whitney
June 21, 2004Getting the Newspaper from the Lawn / Jim Ciletti
June 28 & July 5, 2004Where the Columbines Grow / Arthur J. Fynn
July 12, 2004The Yucca / Virginia Donaghe McClurg
July 19, 2004Mariposa Lilies / Edith Colby Banfield
July 26, 2004No Flies on Colorado / James Barton Adams
August 2, 2004Estrella Mountains & Junkyard / Janet Kenning
August 9, 2004Where the Wild Flowers Catch the Dew / Cy Warman
August 16, 2004Charming Again / Sandra McNew
August 23, 2004Death of the Cow-Boy / Eugene Field
August 30, 2004Anasazi, the First Coloradans / Reg Saner
September 6, 2004Spirit That Form'd This Scene / Walt Whitman
September 13 & 20, 2004From a Coyote Primer / Thomas Hornsby Ferril
2 Laureates / 2 Poems
September 27, 2004Round / Mary Crow, Colorado poet laureate
September 27, 2004Visiting Mountains / Ted Kooser, U.S. poet laureate
October 4, 2004Towards Denver City / Lawrence N. Greenleaf
October 11, 2004Painted Pods / Jean Milne Gower
--First Anniversary Poem--
October 18, 2004Pikes Peak Obscured / Steven D. Schroeder
October 25, 2004Discretion / Carol Lawrence Dier
November 1, 2004Colorado, On the Adoption of Equal Suffrage / Anna Pritchard
November 8, 2004The Bunkhouse / Arthur Chapman
November 15 & 22, 2004A Miner's Thanksgiving / Rufus L. Porter
November 29 & December 6, 2004The 13th / Abelardo "Lalo" Delgado
December 13 & 20, 2004Straw Barn / Jane Morton
December 27, 2004Where Does It Go? / Charles Edwin Hewes
January 3, 2005Diary of a Country Gentleman / Gertrude McDaniel
January 10, 2005The Fields in Winter / Lisbeth Fish
January 17, 2005Las Ventanas Azules / Millicent H. Velhagen
January 24, 2005Tiny Town / Nellie Foster Seibert
January 31, 2005A Bachelor's Reverie at the "Peak" / Job Straight
February 21, 2005Passing By / Nellie Burget Miller
February 28, 2005Out Where the West Begins / Arthur Chapman
March 7, 2005A Tale of the Indian Massacre at Pueblo, in 1854 / T. O. Bigney
March 14, 2005A Month with the Muses / T. O. Bigney
March 21, 2005Spring Fever / Jamie Sexton Holme
March 28, 2005Wildcat Ledge / Lilian White Spencer
National Poetry Month -- April 2005
April 4, 2005The Writing on the Wall / Bill Tremblay
April 11, 2005Flagstaff Mountain / Tom (WordWulf) SternerHowe
April 18, 2005Return to the West / Alan Swallow
April 25, 2005On the Colorado River & The Old Laws of Recurrence / Mary Crow
May 2, 2005 A Cowboy's Prayer / Badger Clark
May 9, 2005To a Sentinel Marmot / Steven D. Schroeder
May 23, 2005They Tell Us Peace Has Come / Charles N. Sellers
May 30, 2005No Mark / Thomas Hornsby Ferril

Archives, continued (please click)

Regional poetry seeks to illuminate places, people, and local ways.  The poets you'll read here write with varying degrees of skill, sentimentality, high or low art, but all create vivid "word pictures" of Colorado, the West, and lives lived.

Vintage Colorado Poetry aka Colorful Colorado in Regional Verse:  "Poems of Place" as History & Geography currently features more than 150 poems by 80 poets.  The gold rushes at
Cherry Creek and Pikes Peak mark the earliest mining verse (Colorado was still Kansas Territory) in the Rocky Mountain News in 1859 & 1860.  Next, journalists and literary wags (Harriet L. Wason, James Barton Adams, Arthur Chapman, Eugene Field, Cy Warman, and Alice Polk Hill) contribute late 19th century and early 20th century poems of "local color."

Literary poetry of regional Colorado is advanced by
Helen Hunt Jackson in the 1870s and by Edith Colby Banfield, her niece, in the early 1900s.  "Poems of place" are reprinted from the Poetry Society of Colorado, a lively group (including state poet laureates Nellie Burget Miller and Clyde Robertson) during the Society's artistic 1920s-1940s heyday.

Thomas Hornsby Ferril, Colorado's most enduring poet, had several early poems in the Rocky Mountain News, in the years after World War I.  He is also represented by a World War II poem.  Belle Turnbull, a favorite of Harriet Monroe's Poetry magazine, was another 1920s & 30s Colorado poet of note.

With the mid-20th century and on, more and more Colorado poets (Wyoming-born
Alan Swallow, for one) turn inward to "modernism," although the West's varied landscapes remain visibly present in much of the new poetry.

Here also are well-wrought "poems of place" by all six of Colorado's governor-appointed poet laureates; the first laureate,
Alice Polk Hill, was appointed in 1919; the current laureate, Mary Crow, was named in 1996.

Again noting,
Thomas Hornsby Ferril, a Yale Younger Poet 1926 and Colorado's most acclaimed poet, was appointed the fifth laureate in 1979.

Contemporary Colorado poets of national reputation include
Linda Hogan, Reg Saner, and William Tremblay.

Colorado does not want for "poetry of place" and probably never will given its natural spendor.  Vintage Colorado Poetry hopes you enjoy the web site, a gathering together of popular and literary poetry from the past and today.
Guidelines & Permissions
Poems first published prior to 1923 are in the public domain.  The editorial policy of Vintage Colorado Poetry is to attain reprint permission for poems 1923 and after as the rule.  Lawful exceptions are few.  Fair usage is the most known, the longest-standing, and the most practiced exception.  Also, the Copyright Term Extension Act of 1998 does allow Vintage Colorado Poetry to reproduce for scholarly intents poems entering the last twenty years of extended copyright protection:  1923 - 1930, presently. Vintage Colorado Poetry has found  it difficult, if not impossible, to track descendants of many vintage poets.  In such cases, Vintage Colorado Poetry invokes fair use.  Vintage Colorado Poetry welcomes hearing from families of poets reprinted.  Descendants and other readers, and contemporary poets interested in submitting poems for consideration, are asked to contact Jim Hemesath, Editor, Vintage Colorado Poetry.

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January / Other Men's Dogs / Adele Cropsey Hudson
February / Skiing Alone Near the Divide / Reg Saner
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April / Catching Mountain Trout / James Barton Adams
May / Our "Soddy" / Leora Smith Blankenbeckler
June / July -- Denver After Dark: two poems and a photo
Denver at Dusking / Jean Milne Gower
17th Street at Night Looking East / Harry M. Rhoads  
Night in Denver ... 1944 / Helen Thomas
August / September -- I am not mountain-born / Nellie Burget Miller   
October / December -- Nellie Burget Miller / The Editor
January / Ground Blizzard, Interstate 70 / Reg Saner
February / The Columbine / Cy Warman
March / Len B., Timekeeper / Clyde Robertson
April / Pike's Peakers of '59: A Humorous History / Lawrence N. Greenleaf
May / A Biking Ballad / Blanche Trennor Heath
June / The Wright Stuff / Art Goodtimes
July / Red Mountain / Robinson Jeffers
August / On the Cache la Poudre & Old Milne Ranch / Jean Gower Milne
September / Out Among the Big Things / Arthur Chapman
October / The Lost Boy / William Tremblay
November / Casey's Table d'Hote / Eugene Field
December / Ranch Christmas / Jane Morton - & - Santa's Tree / Marvin Hass
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I've pretty much been interested in literary regionalism all my grown life, although I'm not a poet.  I've been the recipient of a Colorado Council on the Arts fellowship in creative writing for stories published in South Dakota Review, New Mexico Humanities Review, and WIND Magazine.  My story "Bonefinder" appeared in Steve Rasnic Tem's anthology High Fantastic: Colorado's Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction.  My background also includes editing two anthologies of short stories published by the University Press of Colorado -- Where Past Meets Present: Modern Colorado Short Stories and Vintage Colorado Short Stories: When Past Met Present.  Both of these anthologies open and close with regional poems.  My one-act plays "Father, Son and Trinity Site" and "Airwaves" were produced in Denver at the late, great Changing Scene Theater for the Summerplay series.  For thirty years and going, I've made my living as an academic librarian -- Milton College, Huron College, Western Montana College, Adams State College, and now the Colorado Springs campus of National American University.  My degrees include a Master of Fine Arts in English, Iowa Writers' Workshop, University of Iowa.  I'm married, Jayne, and father of highschoolers Andrew and Charlotte.
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Discretion / Carol Lawrence Dier
Cowboy's Halloween / Marvin Hass
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