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May 30, 2005
Memorial Day
"No Mark" by Thomas Hornsby Ferril, Colorado's most honored poet, is a brilliant piece of Americana written and first published during World War II,   some sixty years ago. 
                 No Mark

Corn grew where the corn was spilled
In the wreck where Casey Jones was killed,
Scrub-oak grows and sassafrass
Around the shady stone you pass
To show where Stonewall Jackson fell
That Saturday at Chancellorsville,
And soapweed bayonets are steeled
Across the Custer battlefield ;
But where you die the sky is black
A little while with cracking flak,
Then ocean crosses very still
Above your skull that held our will.

O swing away, white gull, white gull,
Evening star, be beautiful.

--Thomas Hornsby Ferril

Reprinted from Trial by Time by Thomas Hornsby
Ferill, Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and
London, 1944. Copyright (c) 1944, Thomas Hornsby
Ferril. Renewed, 1962. Used with the permission
of Thomas Hornsby Ferril Literary Trust.
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